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Furnishing Policy / Delivery Details

Your Satellite Package Mentor

Delivery Details

One of our competent staff member starts working on customer’s job within a day, right after getting authorization from the customer to talk and negotiate on customer’s behalf with Satellite providers. However, we give three days grace time to the customer to change the details in chosen services. The time period of the services committed by our staff member with Customer may take 1 day to three weeks to affect.

Furnishing Policy

In certain cases, third party is involve to cater the needs of customer. Such as, when a new installation, or upgradation of hardware is involved, then furnishing the requested service(s) may depends on the area of customer’s residence, availability of hardware with local office of satellite provider.

Shipping Policy

In cases, where customer is committed for the provision of a new upgraded hardware by their existing satellite provider. The hardware is shipped by different means and services like UPS, DHL, USPS etc. Also the installation team from that particular satellite provider may deliver the hardware by themselves. For more information regarding shipping details, please visit the official websites of your current / ordered satellite provider.